9 ways of injury prevention for you adults

Injury prevention is possibly the most underrated factor in a young adults success through training.  We want to ensure that our young athletes have the ability to train to their full capacity each and every time and therefore avoiding setbacks through injury is paramount.  We’ve written up 9 handy tips to avoid those pesky injuries!

1. Make sure you do good preseason and your mid-season program should focus in fitness,
conditioning and injury prevention.


2. Take a one day off a week from training


3. Focus on competing on one sport in a season, do not competing in other sports


4. Make sure you take between 9 to 12 weeks rest throughout the season


5. Make sure you take 4 weeks off at the end of competing season


6. Do not just take up one sport until you reach middle or late adolescence


7. Athlete, who plays football for 10 hours during a week, should also have between 4 to 6

hours of free play.


8. Total hours for a young athlete playing football a week should be equal or less, for example12 year old can play up to 10 to 12 hours a week.


9. If a young athlete week training program includes training, gym, conditioning and
competing should be less than 16 hours a week