A new football training and education program starting at Glasgow Caledonian University

Residential Academy Announcement

Sometimes the most ambitious ideas take a while to come to completion and this is no different! However after well over a year of hard work we are now extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University and the introduction of the ‘Residential Academy’.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between professional sports development and university level education and this collaboration between NLSL and Glasgow Caledonian is the first of its kind in Scotland.


Residential Academy will see players engage in a year of education at the university whilst taking part in an NLSL full time training schedule along with competitive showcase matches. This will give the player the chance to raise their ability on the pitch whilst being able to attain a higher education.


Often players are forced to pick one or the other and this can leave them in a position where they lack the correct education to go into the work place at a later stage. At NLSL we firmly believe that nobody should have to pick between football and their education. Check out our
page dedicated to the residential academy for more information or get in touch via live chat or email to find out more!